AVG Secure VPN 5-Device 2-Year

AVG Secure VPN is safe to install on any Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device, and gives a superior level of protection to free VPNs or web-based proxies. With AVG Secure VPN, your traffic is protected with 256-bit AES encryption, the same standard used by banks around the world.

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Buy AVAST SecureLine VPN – anonymously and securely

More and more internet users are buying a VPN. But what exactly does a VPN do? VPN is the abbreviation for “Virtual Private Network” and is primarily used to surf the Internet completely anonymously. However, there are other reasons why you should buy a VPN. In addition to the complete anonymity of online activities, the networks also offer protection against hacker attacks in public WiFi networks. Explicitly, the AVAST VPN products such as the AVAST SecureLine VPN are ideally suited for absolute protection and completely anonymous surfing.

Why you should buy AVAST Secureline in particular

But why should you buy an AVAST VPN? The AVAST SecureLine VPN ensures a guaranteed encrypted connection between two networks. All files uploaded and downloaded to the Internet are completely protected and can no longer be viewed by third parties. The AVAST VPN encrypts the user’s IP address and prevents them from being tracked. Anyone who attaches great importance to complete anonymity on the Internet should in principle buy a VPN. If you also want absolute quality and complete protection, you should buy AVAST Secureline .

How exactly does a VPN work?

So if one AVAST SecureLine VPN wants to buy the disguises so that his IP address and is significantly safer on the Internet on the go. But how does such a VPN work exactly?

Normally, the user’s data is forwarded directly to the internet provider. However, if the user uses a VPN, the data is first routed via an external data server. When the data is then forwarded to the Internet, the impression arises that the user’s data comes from the external VPN server . Put simply, this is how a VPN works. This is also the reason why tracing the IP address is so difficult or, in most cases, even impossible.

Buy AVAST VPN – surf securely in public WiFi networks and enjoy exclusive content

If you use a VPN, you no longer have to worry about your online security in public WiFi networks. In many cases, these are very popular with hackers to gain unauthorized access to various devices. However, anyone who uses a VPN minimizes the risk of becoming a victim of a hacker attack and can surf a public WLAN network without hesitation.

The AVAST VPN prevents the following dangers :

  • False hotspots are recognized immediately
  • No chance for packet sniffers
  • No chance for Evil Twins
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks are blocked

Another reason in favor of using a VPN is that you now have access to certain streaming content that is otherwise blocked by geoblock . This makes it possible, for example, to access content that is normally blocked for the respective country. No matter where you are in the world, with a VPN you have unrestricted access to most content.

The personal IP address is not only used for tracking, but also to block certain services or shopping portals. This block can easily be bypassed with a VPN. For example, with a VPN it is possible to follow certain sporting events live on the Internet, which may be blocked in the respective country.

For which platforms is the AVAST SecureLine VPN suitable?

Thanks to Avast’s banking-grade encryption method, every connection established via the VPN is guaranteed to remain hidden. Another plus point of the network is its compatibility with many systems. Even Apple, which have very high security standards and often have a certain incompatibility with similar programs, are fully compatible with the AVAST VPN . All implementations for iOS and MacOS are officially approved by Apple and use the IPsec protocol to establish a guaranteed stable and secure connection.

If you want to buy AVAST Secureline , you can use it with the following platforms:

  • Microsoft
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS


How safe is it to buy AVAST Secureline and in which packages is it included?

The use of the AVAST VPN is completely harmless and very easy. In contrast to alternatives such as the Tor Browser or other proxies, the use of Avast products is much safer and more recommendable. However, every user should inform himself beforehand about the respective provisions of his country or the various Internet portals. Using a VPN is not legal everywhere and can result in severe penalties. Here each user acts independently.

If you want to use the Avast VPN, you can first download a 7-day test version. Otherwise, the VPN is in the Ultimate Package from Avast already included. In addition to the secure and functional VPN, the user also receives a lot of important security software.

The package includes, for example, the Avast Premium Security Tool, which offers perfect protection against any malware, as well as the Cleanup Premium Tool, which frees all systems from superfluous data garbage.

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