AVG Internet Security (1-PC, 1-Year), Windows only, GLOBAL

AVG Internet Security Key offers guaranteed protection against all malware and dangerous viruses. Explicit protection is also offered for sensitive payment data, such as online shopping or payment transactions such as online banking.

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AVG Internet Security

With our award-winning antivirus, our customizable firewall, our protection against remote access by hackers and many other tools included in our comprehensive security solution, you stay protected on the Internet.

Protect every aspect of your online life

AVG Internet Security blocks viruses and malware, protects your e-mails, personal data, passwords and webcam from hackers and ensures worry-free online shopping and banking.

Our first line of defense for your PC

  • Advanced Virus  Protection – Scans your PC for viruses, ransomware, spyware, and other types of malware.
  • Behavioral  Protection – Triggers alerts when suspicious behavior is detected on your PC.
  • AI Detection  – Proactively identifies malware patterns to protect you from new threats.
  • CyberCapture  – Blocks new threats by uploading them through our antivirus software for analysis.

The safest way to connect

Stay protected online by having links, downloads and email attachments scanned and avoid unsecure networks.

  • Link Scanner  – Avoid dangerous websites by scanning your links for suspicious code.
  • Web Protection  – Check files for hidden malware even before you download them to your PC.
  • Email Protection  – Block dangerous email attachments to avoid phishing attacks.
  • WiFi Guardian  – Get notified when you connect to an unsecured unsecured WiFi network.
  • Toolbar Remover  – Remove unwanted or potentially dangerous browser toolbars and extensions.

Protect from hackers

Keep control of all incoming and outgoing data traffic to your computer, prevent hackers from accessing your device remotely and secure all your passwords.

  • Advanced Firewall  – Prevent hackers from accessing your private files and photos with our firewall.
  • Remote  Protection – Protect your device so that hackers cannot take control of it remotely.
  • Password protection  – prevent “blocked apps” from reading, changing or deleting the passwords stored in your browsers.

No spying on by snoopers

Prevent your webcam from being compromised, ensure that old data is securely and irrevocably deleted.

  • Webcam Protection  – Protect your webcam from hook attacks by forcing untrusted apps to ask for permission every time they try to use your webcam.
  • Data Shredder  – Ensure that data is securely and irrevocably deleted to prevent accidental or unauthorized recovery.

Worry-free and secure online shopping and banking

Get additional online protection mechanisms so that your sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  • Fake Website Protection  – Avoid fake websites by automatically redirecting you to the real website if you accidentally land on a fake page.

Mobile device protection included

AVG Internet Security also protects your Android devices, tablets, iPhones and iPads. Stay protected online, lock your private apps and photos in a safe, track down your smartphone if it is lost and keep your personal data away from thieves.

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