Top Reasons: Why Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10 is powering one billion+ computers around the globe. After Windows 7, the Windows 10 operating system has emerged as one of the most advanced, and popular versions of Windows. The basic layout of the windows, design, file explorer, Cortana, Edge browser, etc is improving the usability for the users a lot. 

Now it is high time to upgrade and get the benefits of the latest operating system. Here we have discussed a few major reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 and get the best experience of personal computing. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Improved performance & speed

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Several comparison videos on YouTube prove that Windows 10 has less starting time then MacOS. And the DirectX 12 and 3D engine helps game developers to deliver a better immersive experience. If you are Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 users, you are missing on a lot. 

Windows app store

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The Windows App Store opens the doors to ultimate entertainment capabilities. Several apps are specially dedicated to consuming videos, photos, maps, music, etc. Even the apps downloaded from the Windows app store are highly secured and give a better experience of computing.

Dedicated tablet mode

The tablet mode is the most highlighting functionality of Windows 10. When the device runs in tablet mode, the buttons automatically get re-sized according to the size of the screen. And all the gestures also get activated automatically. It’s useful for the two-in-one Windows devices like Microsoft Surface.

It’s not just an upgrade, it is an ecosystem

Microsoft has introduced UWP (Universal Windows Platform) with Windows 10. The UWP includes devices such as HoloLens, Xbox One, PC, Surface Hub, Mobile, and all other Microsoft devices. This platform helps developers create universal apps. Developing an app for the one device works for all other devices too, there is no need to re-write.

Better security

Windows 10 adds a higher level of protection of user data. And the security features such as Device Guard, Windows Hello, and Microsoft Passport improve the protection of devices too. Microsoft has also added protection from ransomware & data theft. Windows 10 is the most secure version of Windows so far.

Say hello to Cortana

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Cortana is a personal assistant developed by Microsoft. It works just like Siri from the Apple and Google assistant from Google. She will be your helping hand while computing. And this functionality is only available for Windows 10.

Windows action center

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Windows 10 comes with a full-fledged smartphone-like notification interface. Microsoft has named it an action center. And they have made sure that the user would not miss any single notification on their computer. Action Center also has shortcuts to access features such as a nightlight, tablet mode, network, location, etc. 

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7

From Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft has ended it’s support for Windows 7. They have stopped giving technical and security updates for Windows. If your personal computer or business is still stuck with an old OS, it’s high time to upgrade.

Better experience of web browsing

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Chrome is indeed a highly used web browser in the world. But, with Windows 10, Microsoft has tried to deliver a better experience of web browsing with Microsoft Edge. For laptop users, this new browser consumes less battery than Chrome. And the slick UI & Fluent design makes the experience even better.

Virtual desktop

This is the new Windows 10 feature that lets users create multiple desktops. The power users who need to open so many programs and browser tabs can benefit a lot. And it also shows the timeline of opening different apps and web browsing. The overall productivity of users can be improved quite a lot.

Game bar

Microsoft has also introduced a game bar With Windows 10. Press Windows key+G and the whole new game bar will be opened. It allows you to record screen, control your audio source, and live broadcast of gaming too. And Gamebar also shows realtime gaming performance specs which include CPU, GPU, and RAM usage.

Dark mode

It was one of the most awaited features for Windows. In the May 2019 update of Windows 10, Microsoft bought this feature for the users. Head over Windows Settings >> Personalization >> Colors. And under the “Choose your color” option, the user can select a dark mode or select the custom mode according to their preferences.

Future proof

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Microsoft has already ended support for Windows 7. And For Windows 8, it is ending in January 2023. But, the computers running on Windows 10 are future proof. Microsoft has guaranteed the bugs and security fixes until 2025. Switching to Windows 10 will guarantee you the support for the lifetime of your computer. 

Support for Xbox App

Windows 10 comes with the Xbox app pre-installed. Windows 10 user can stream their Xbox games directly from their PC. Plug Xbox controller with the PC and the Xbox game will start streaming over the user’s local network.

Modern & sleek design

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Windows 10 uses MDL2 (Microsoft Design Language 2). This new design scheme delivers huge changes in controls, fonts, and icon patterns of the system. The new design of the OS gives your PC the elegant & slick look. The users coming from the Windows 7 league will surely experience immense improvements. 

The wrap-up

Windows 10 is indeed one of the highly optimized and improved versions of Windows operating systems. 1 out of every 7 users on the earth is using Windows 10. If you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 10, it’s high time to do it. I hope this article was helpful. 

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